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Hermione is very hard to please because she’s so good herself. She’s always prepared, always organized. She’s very clever. She’s usually a couple of steps ahead, and poor Ron can’t keep up. Hermione just doesn’t give him much support during the argument. And I don’t think he’s truly angry at Harry. It’s just the pressure, the fact that his family is in danger, and that they don’t know where the Horcruxes are or how to destroy them. And I think he just gets lost at the same time as he’s being influenced by the evil locked he’s wearing.
Rupert Grint, on Ron leaving in Deathly Hallows (via theronweasleygeneration)

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Florian Lukas, Rupert Grint's co-star of Into The White, talks about Rupert's heavy accent.

His Liverpool accent is really heavy!
It’s fun listening to it.
Is it that different to his own accent?
Pretty different! If you read the lines… I mean, we know the lines, but sometimes it was really difficult to understand what he said. We asked every now and then “What did he say?”. Even the English people have their problems to understand this hard accent.

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